Ready to Perform

"What ever happened to your standup?"

The Full Story

It all started when I got together with a former college classmate who I hadn't seen in thirteen years.  Although my friend was impressed with what I had achieved professionally in my marketing career, he was convinced that I would have pursued standup comedy after college.  I had performed at several student events during my final semester at Duke University and he could still remember his favorite jokes from a Latino student event where I performed standup for the first time in front of an audience of 1600 people.  To this day, I can still feel the rush of performing on stage. 
Sometimes it only takes one unexpected conversion with a friend you haven't seen in many years to inspire you to pursue your passion.  Two years after that conversation, I moved to Los Angeles and began performing standup at comedy clubs and gay bars all around town. 
It is never too late to pursue something you love.